All about school


My 4th grade class in St. Augustine, Florida.

I have 23 classmates. There are 23 students in each of the three 4th grade classes.

The kids in my class are Edwin, Angel, Sam, Emy, Dana, Jaden, Austin, Allura, Sara, Angelica, Morgan, Kyle, Danny, Jenna, Isaiah, Valeria, Isabella, Nicole, Bonny, Marcus, Chelsie, and Zack.

My favorite subjects are math and science. I think social studies is the hardest. My teachers name is Mrs. Judge and she likes to give out brain teasers.

I’ve gotten one C in my life on a report card and mostly get A’s and B’s.

I like playing out side in a field for recess. My school is getting rebuilt, so we are at a school across from University High School. Sometimes I take the bus and some other times I go to Champions, which is an afterschool program.  I like going outside in champions. My favorite special at school is PE because we get to play sports.


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  1. How about the food you eat at school? Is that good or not? That would be a good blog post!

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