What I’m watching on TV

Two of my favorite TV channels are Disney an Cartoon Network.

My top 3 shows on Disney are Good luck Charlie, Jessie, and Gravity falls.
My first favorite is Good Luck Charlie.  The family is fun and reminds me of my family – with less kids.

My top 3 shows on Cartoon Network are, Regular show, Adventure Time, and Incredible Crew.

My first favorite is Regular Show

Good luck Charlie is my favorite because it is funny to me.

My least favorite shows are Shake It Up,and Disney jr. shows.

I don’t like it because it is kinda getting old.

They are my least favorite because,the shows are annoying and old and stupid.

Good Luck Charlie!
Good Luck Charlie!

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Wife and Mom to two crazy boys. All-around news junkie. Self-appointed television critic, pop-culture diva and foodie.

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  1. Your summary (“…the shows are annoying and old and stupid”) gets right to the point… it’s great! I would be interested to read about what you like in music these days… and please, don’t hold back! 😉

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