My favorite video games

Video games are awesome.

My top 3 on my iPad are Minecraft, a Simpson game called Tapped Out,  and  Subway Surfer.
Subway Surfer it’s kind of like Temple Run but different. The Simpson game it is kind like Sim City but Simpson-theme.

My top 3 games on the Xbox are Minecraft,  Call of Duty, and Assault Heroes 2.
Call of Duty is a shooting game, and Assault Heroes is shooting aliens in like cars, helicopter, tanks.

My favorite D.S  games is Mario Kart, Call of Duty,and Tron.  Mario Kart is a racing game, Tron is a battle game.




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  1. I hate to admit this but my favorite game is still Angry Birds. That’s not very interesting, is it? 🙂

  2. I’ll be honest, I’m completely addicted to the Pikmin 2 game. It satisfies my need to hoard things, in this case, I like to collect as many pikmin as possible. You should try it, it’s a great strategy game and helps with mapping skills, too.

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