All about school




My 4th grade class in St. Augustine, Florida.

I have 23 classmates. There are 23 students in each of the three 4th grade classes.

The kids in my class are Edwin, Angel, Sam, Emy, Dana, Jaden, Austin, Allura, Sara, Angelica, Morgan, Kyle, Danny, Jenna, Isaiah, Valeria, Isabella, Nicole, Bonny, Marcus, Chelsie, and Zack.

My favorite subjects are math and science. I think social studies is the hardest. My teachers name is Mrs. Judge and she likes to give out brain teasers.

I’ve gotten one C in my life on a report card and mostly get A’s and B’s.

I like playing out side in a field for recess. My school is getting rebuilt, so we are at a school across from University High School. Sometimes I take the bus and some other times I go to Champions, which is an afterschool program.  I like going outside in champions. My favorite special at school is PE because we get to play sports.


I’m done with the FCAT


FCAT is done and wasn’t as bad as I thought. It was pretty easy.

I think math is easier because I’m better at math and there were less questions. There were 25 questions for Wednesday and Thursday.

Monday and Tuesday were the reading tests.  Last year I got 3 on reading and 4 on math. The scoring is 1-5.

And I had to take writing this year, but that was like a month ago. I want to get 4 on all of them this year.

The thing I like about taking the FCAT is that after we are done we get to play board games. And the part I don’t like about it is because I finish and I can’t do anything and have to be quiet until time is up. I finished in 40 minutes and you have a break when you finish. And then I have to sit there for 30 minutes

But I would want FCATs to last longer just for the board games.  There were questions that I learned more at the end of the school year. And most of them were easy. I did fractions and that stuff. I mostly did stuff in the packets my teacher gave me.


What I’m watching on TV


Two of my favorite TV channels are Disney an Cartoon Network.

My top 3 shows on Disney are Good luck Charlie, Jessie, and Gravity falls.
My first favorite is Good Luck Charlie.  The family is fun and reminds me of my family – with less kids.

My top 3 shows on Cartoon Network are, Regular show, Adventure Time, and Incredible Crew.

My first favorite is Regular Show

Good luck Charlie is my favorite because it is funny to me.

My least favorite shows are Shake It Up,and Disney jr. shows.

I don’t like it because it is kinda getting old.

They are my least favorite because,the shows are annoying and old and stupid.

Good Luck Charlie!

Good Luck Charlie!

My favorite video games


Video games are awesome.

My top 3 on my iPad are Minecraft, a Simpson game called Tapped Out,  and  Subway Surfer.
Subway Surfer it’s kind of like Temple Run but different. The Simpson game it is kind like Sim City but Simpson-theme.

My top 3 games on the Xbox are Minecraft,  Call of Duty, and Assault Heroes 2.
Call of Duty is a shooting game, and Assault Heroes is shooting aliens in like cars, helicopter, tanks.

My favorite D.S  games is Mario Kart, Call of Duty,and Tron.  Mario Kart is a racing game, Tron is a battle game.