My crazy cat, Trooper

First I’m going to talk about what he looks like.  He has light blue eyes, black and white head, black ears, a pink nose, black and white tail, a white body with a little black dabs. He is about 7 or8 moths old or less I don’t know. He is about a foot and 5 inches. When we got him he was 4 moths old. He was so cute.  We named him Storm Trooper because we like Star Wars.  And he looks like one with his white and a little black.

Trooper bothers me while I do my homework. He’s very curious.

Now on the stuff he does.  He eats food (real food – and climbs on the table to eat it), gets fleas and that’s really bad, he knocks over stuff,  he scratches on doors when he wants to get in. He barely meows. He tries to beat up Jack, my other cat that is 14 or 13 years old.  Jack always wins.  But Trooper comes back for more. He is just trouble.

Trooper in a box.
Trooper in a box.

But now I’m going to talk about how playful he is. We got him a little house to play in it has 2 rattle things, cat scratcher ,and 2 places to lay down. He also has a little penguin, he used to have a fishing pole with  a little fuzzy ball.

Trooper and his penguin.
Trooper and his penguin.

The worst thing he did is climb up the Christmas tree.  My mom got really mad and almost didn’t put any ornaments on the tree.  She did, but not a lot.  He almost ruined Christmas.

Trooper in the Christmas Tree.
Trooper in the Christmas Tree.
Trooper trying to climb the Christmas tree.
Trooper trying to climb the Christmas tree.
Trooper attacking Jack's tail.
Trooper attacking Jack’s tail.

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  1. Your description of Trooper is very complete. I would recognize him anywhere! I can tell by the way you write about him that you are very fond of Trooper.

    I have to confess that I thought it was very funny that your cat climbed the Christmas tree. I’m sorry it made your mother so mad but I bet she will laugh about it all one day. Mom’s are great that way.

    Keep up the good writing! You have some real talent.

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