Orlando Solar Bears Hockey!

I went to a hockey game and it was , the Orlando Solar Bears vs Cincinnati Tornados. I was routing for Orlando. And we won. It was 2 to 1.

But it was about to be 3 to 1. But the refs made a stupid call. The puck really went into the goal but they didn’t call it a goal.

It was my first hockey game. I really wanted to get a puck but I could not. But I might get one. And we were close to the rink.

My favorite part was all the fights.

I would go back for another game!







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  1. I love hockey, too! I like how all the fans yell and scream at the top of their lungs. For whatever it’s worth, I think hockey refs are a dodgy breed.

    I could tell by the way you wrote your blog that you had a really good time and enjoyed the game. I wouldn’t be surprised if you turned into a world class hockey fan!

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