Play Ball! St. Patrick’s Day with the Detroit Tigers

We spent St. Patrick’s Day at a baseball game. We saw the Detroit Tigers vs Washington Nationals. But sadly tigers lost, but it did not matter. It was only spring training. But we still had lots of fun.20130317-202844.jpg

I bought a baseball hat with a tigers sign on it and a shamrock on it. I also got a foul ball. It rolled in the gravel and a baseball player threw the ball and I caught it. I was so happy. So that’s why I got a hat .And also my brother bought a baseball. So we did not have a fight.20130317-202823.jpg

At the end we got to run the the bases. I had a hot dog, some chips, a root beer, a water, and last but not least soft served ice cream. It was the best.

Running the bases at TigerTown in Lakeland.
Running the bases at TigerTown in Lakeland.

The tigers had green and white on. It was 12 to 9. We came close.

My favorite part was when I got a foul ball.
I also love my hat.



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  1. Catching a foul ball is just about as good as it gets! I especially enjoyed this blog, Brendan, because I got a really good idea of what a great day you had. Your enthusiasm is very apparent and your description of your day really made me feel like I was there. Go Tigers!

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