My crazy cat, Trooper


First I’m going to talk about what he looks like.  He has light blue eyes, black and white head, black ears, a pink nose, black and white tail, a white body with a little black dabs. He is about 7 or8 moths old or less I don’t know. He is about a foot and 5 inches. When we got him he was 4 moths old. He was so cute.  We named him Storm Trooper because we like Star Wars.  And he looks like one with his white and a little black.


Trooper bothers me while I do my homework. He’s very curious.

Now on the stuff he does.  He eats food (real food – and climbs on the table to eat it), gets fleas and that’s really bad, he knocks over stuff,  he scratches on doors when he wants to get in. He barely meows. He tries to beat up Jack, my other cat that is 14 or 13 years old.  Jack always wins.  But Trooper comes back for more. He is just trouble.

Trooper in a box.

Trooper in a box.

But now I’m going to talk about how playful he is. We got him a little house to play in it has 2 rattle things, cat scratcher ,and 2 places to lay down. He also has a little penguin, he used to have a fishing pole with  a little fuzzy ball.

Trooper and his penguin.

Trooper and his penguin.

The worst thing he did is climb up the Christmas tree.  My mom got really mad and almost didn’t put any ornaments on the tree.  She did, but not a lot.  He almost ruined Christmas.

Trooper in the Christmas Tree.

Trooper in the Christmas Tree.

Trooper trying to climb the Christmas tree.

Trooper trying to climb the Christmas tree.

Trooper attacking Jack's tail.

Trooper attacking Jack’s tail.


Orlando Solar Bears Hockey!


I went to a hockey game and it was , the Orlando Solar Bears vs Cincinnati Tornados. I was routing for Orlando. And we won. It was 2 to 1.

But it was about to be 3 to 1. But the refs made a stupid call. The puck really went into the goal but they didn’t call it a goal.

It was my first hockey game. I really wanted to get a puck but I could not. But I might get one. And we were close to the rink.

My favorite part was all the fights.

I would go back for another game!






Play Ball! St. Patrick’s Day with the Detroit Tigers


We spent St. Patrick’s Day at a baseball game. We saw the Detroit Tigers vs Washington Nationals. But sadly tigers lost, but it did not matter. It was only spring training. But we still had lots of fun.20130317-202844.jpg

I bought a baseball hat with a tigers sign on it and a shamrock on it. I also got a foul ball. It rolled in the gravel and a baseball player threw the ball and I caught it. I was so happy. So that’s why I got a hat .And also my brother bought a baseball. So we did not have a fight.20130317-202823.jpg

At the end we got to run the the bases. I had a hot dog, some chips, a root beer, a water, and last but not least soft served ice cream. It was the best.

Running the bases at TigerTown in Lakeland.

Running the bases at TigerTown in Lakeland.

The tigers had green and white on. It was 12 to 9. We came close.

My favorite part was when I got a foul ball.
I also love my hat.


4th Grade Field Trip – St. Augustine


I went to St.Augustine on my field trip.   We got to go the hospital that I hated.  It was so disgusting.  But I’m not going to talk about it.  We went to the Colonial Quarter.  Also the fort and a tram ride around the city.

When we got to the Colonial Quarter we got to see a little house.  And we got to practice shooting a gun in a army line.  That was really fun.  We got to see what the stuff that people used back then.  Like kitchen stuff, and to see what they used to go to the shower.  They used a big bowl.

In the fort we got to see a canon demonstration.  The sound was loud.  Every one was scared.  There was a little room with beds and the beds were filled with hay.

And the tram ride was my favorite.  We went to Flagler College where they had a cool spiky ball fence.  They were used a long time ago if pirates tried to come on to land, the chain with the balls would line the shore and the balls would break the ship and the ship would sink.When we were on the tram we also saw a canon ball stuck in the wall to.Also we saw a statue of Ponce De Leon,he is 4 foot 11.[Small]

And I’m not going to talk about the hospital.

And for the rest the rest was FFFUUUNN!!!


This is a cannon ball stuck in the wall.


This is my class practicing shooting at the Colonial Quarter.


This is me with the spike balls in front of Flagler College.


This is me with my class with the guy who shot the cannon.


in the background you can see the statue of Ponce De Leon. That statue is actual life size and he is SHORT!

It’s all about Minecraft


**This is another post from my 9-year-old son, Brendan. I’ve given him the option of blogging once/week or reading 40 minutes on the weekends. Since he hates reading, he’s choosing to write. Which I love….I hope you do to. Much like his last blog, I have done NO EDITING!!! Please comment below – he loves to read the comments.***


By Brendan Cook

The reason everyone likes Minecraft is because there’s so much adventure in it. There are so many monsters in it too. There are creepers that blow up, skeletons that shoot arrows, spiders that jump on trees and have to touch you to die, and zombies have to touch you to die.

And there are a bunch of ways to kill these monsters, with swords or pick axes or axes and shovels. But swords are mostly for killing. And pick axes are for mining, and shovels are for mining dirt, gravel and sand. Axes are for cutting wood, and hoes are made for planting. And your trying to survive with these things.

Your trying to kill monsters to make materials. Like gunpowder from creepers. Bones from skeletons also arrows. String from spiders. Feathers from zombies. And if you have have low hearts you could kill animals. And eat the food.

And it is really fun when you have something to do.
Not really fun with out doing something.