Kid Review: Oz The Great and Powerful

The following is a blog/movie review written by my 9-year-old son. He was lucky enough to go to the Disney Parks Blog Oz meetup this weekend. Participants got to see the new movie, “Oz the Great and Powerful” before it opens to the public on March 8.

There are spoilers – so you’ve been warned!!!

All the boys at "Oz the Great and Powerful" Disney Parks Blog meetup.

In the Oz the Great and Powerful, it started at Kansas. Oz worked at a circus and was a magician. But he was a poor man. The reason he left was because a strong man has figured out her daughter was being cheated. So the strong man had started chasing Oz, but Oz went in a hot air balloon. Then he flew off but ran into a tornado.

When the tornado was over he fell in to the land of Oz. After he met a girl and her name is Theodora. She fell in love with Oz. [ewwwww] Then she sent Oz to kill the wicked witch. But Oz found out that it was Glinda. But Theodora got jealous. So she got mad.
So Evanora gave Theodora a apple. But Evanora tricked Theodora about the apple. It turned Theodora into the evil witch. So then they captured Glinda. But Oz made a seen a big seen!!! Oz did the wizard cloud thing. So he scared the witches. And Glinda had escaped. But it wasn’t over Glinda took care of Evanora .
And I’m guessing that there will be another Oz movie.

My favorite part was when Oz turned into the cloud and scared the witches.
But there was a little drama, that’s the part I don’t like about it.
It doesn’t need to be in 3D, but i saw it in 3D.
It might be scary for some kids.
I had to close my eyes for some parts.
But it won’t be your favorite movie though.
Also, my Aunt.Julie said she did not like the monkeys or the china girl, that she said looked like a doll.


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