Our family trip to Washington, D.C.


It was really fun going to Washington D.C. We did a tour around the White House on our first day. But we were only allowed in the east wing. We also saw Bo for a half a second (Barack Obama’s dog). We were all surprised and curious if we actually saw Bo. The rest of it was cool but it wasn’t the best. I learned that they put up about 20 Christmas trees in one room. After we walked to the mall and played on the fields for a while.

After  playing we went to the Bureau of Engraving and Printing. That was really cool.  It shows you how they make money. I saw 100,000,000 dollars in $10 bills in a box. In total I saw about $100,000,000,000,000 dollars. The thing that I liked that I learned was the ways to see the tricks to see if the money was real.

Then we went on a tour of the Capitol. My favorite was seeing Bo for that day. After that day we didn’t walk as much.

We went to the spy museum and I learned what things you have to learn to be a spy. Like you code name. I liked a picture explaining that a pigeon got the Medal of Honor because it was carrying messages from base to base. Then it got hurt but still delivered a messenger then that helped us win a war. But I don’t remember which. We also went to the zoo and saw panda bears! We didn’t stay long because it was about to rain. But it was my first time seeing a panda bear. We also got to see a lion roar. We saw monkeys and elephants. The penguins were closed so we didn’t go there.

We saw the MSU football game with alumni group and we won against Purdue. We also went to the Air&Space museum. Which we saw the Discovery Space Shuttle. A lot of war planes. We even saw the space ship which the guy jumped out then landed back on earth. I saw and learned a bombing plane that dropped a nuclear bomb on Japan and only two nuclear bombs have been blown off.

The next day we went to the Arlington Cemetery. We saw the memorial for the hidden soldier. Also every hour they change their guard and we saw that. The cool thing is there is always someone out there even in storms. We saw all the other memorials to which was really cool. I like Abe the best cause you can run up the stairs and run back down and Abe is huge. After that day we went back home and did are home work that we missed over the 4 days of school we were gone. My favorite was the spy museum. The thingg I liked the most while learning was the engraving.

My first year on the soccer team


I have started playing soccer for my school. I was really bad when I started then I got so much better. But I was happy I made the team in the first place because tryouts were hard!

We just played our last game, and we won 4 to 3 in penalty kicks. We scored a goal in the first five minutes of the game. Then we kept it up till the last two minutes. Then they scored a goal. Then we went to overtime. No one scored. Then we went to shoot outs. We had the shot first and we made it. We were all happy that first time. Then they got a goal. Then we missed then they missed. After we made and they missed. Then we made it again then they made it. Then all of it led up to this goal. This person named Santana shot the ball going into the goal and we started running off the field. We were all so happy.  Our coach told us before the game if we win this game we can go to Golden Corral.

Our school is not very good at sports but we are the best at education. So that’s we were happy cause it was our first win (in the season). Union park (who we were going against) never won a game either this season. Also I knew someone on their team. His name is Edwin, he was at my school last year. Even though we won one game I still got better and had a great time. Now volleyball!!!


Arbor Ridge soccer

Arbor Ridge Soccer team after their first big win!

My favorite football team: Michigan State


Michigan State (MSU) has been decent this season so far. First we went against Jacksonville State and we won 45-7. In the first quarter we had 21 points. In the 2nd quarter we had 17. In the 3rd we only reached one touch down and Jacksonville reached 1 touchdown. Finally in the 4th no one got a touchdown.

Then we went against Oregon and we had a tough loss 46-27. In the first half we got 24 and Oregon got 18. In the second half MSU got 3 and Oregon got 28 points. People said before the game it would be like the rose bowl.

Then we went against Eastern Michigan and we won 73-14. In the first quarter we got 28. In the second quarter we got 21. In the third MSU got 10 and EMU got 7. In the final quarter we got 14 and EMU reached another 7 points. That was a record game for Michigan State.

We just went against Wyoming. In the first half we got 41 points and they got 14. In the second half we got 14 and they got 0.

The next game we had a tougher game. It was against Nebraska. In the first quarter we got 7. In the second quarter we got 10. Leaving Nebraska to 0. But in the second half we didn’t do so good. We got 10 more points and they got 22. It was scary but we still won 27 to 22.

When I grow up I hope to be playing on Michigan State. I would want to be a HB or WR.

Sparty in Orlando

Starting 6th grade!


FirstDayOfSchoolI’m now in 6th grade. But it is a harder then 5th by far. We have about 1 hour of homework everyday. But it is fun to do stuff at school except work. First class of the day is life science. My teacher’s name is Mrs.M. We are learning about bacteria right now. Then I go to world history and do work. We are learning about the elements of geography. My teacher’s name is Mrs.Bailey. Then I go to math her name is Mrs.Vincent. We are comparing and converting decimals, fractions, and mixed numbers. Then I go to PE and we are playing volleyball right now. His name is Coach Wofford. Then I go to lunch. Finally I go to language arts and my teacher’s name is Ms.Vaughn. We are having a vocabulary test Wednesday. I have already got my progress report and I got 3 A’s and 2 B’s. After school I have soccer practice for my school. When I’m done I go home, do my homework.  It’s fun to see my friends and make some new friends.  Since I got to a magnet school, people from outside our neighborhood can come, and there are a lot of new faces.


What gum blows the biggest bubble? Science Fair Project!


I picked it because I like candy and because it is fun. The best in my opinion was bubble yum. My favorite part was seeing really bib bubbles.

Last year I did, do pop rocks and soda explode your stomach. That one also evolves candy. They were both really fun.

Which brand of bubble gum makes the biggest bubble? Science Fair Project.

Which brand of bubble gum makes the biggest bubble? Science Fair Project.

Here’s a look at my project:


What brand of bubble gum makes the biggest bubbles?


I think the gum with the highest sugar content would blow the biggest bubble.  In this experiment, that would be Bubblicious gum.

Grams of Sugar (per piece):

Screen Shot 2014-06-23 at 8.08.04 PM

Average Bubble Diameter:

Screen Shot 2014-06-23 at 8.09.11 PM



Various brands of bubble gum
Dubble Bubble
Bubble Yum
Big League Chew
Paper Clip
Test Subjects

Which brand of bubble gum makes the biggest bubble? Science Fair Project.

Materials for Which brand of bubble gum makes the biggest bubble? Science Fair Project.


  1. Start with one brand of gum.
  2. Each person chews that same brand of gum for 10 minutes.
  3. Begin blowing bubbles.
  4. Blow 5 bubbles with one piece of gum.
  5. Measure each bubble using the ruler and paperclip.  This will give you the bubble diameter in centimeters.
  6. Write down the diameter of each bubble
  7. Repeat steps 1-6 for each brand of gum.
  8. After collecting all your data find your average.  You find it by adding your data for that brand. Then divide by 5.


My hypothesis was correct.  The gum with the higher grams of sugar made the largest bubbles.  We also found the gum with the higher sugar content was easier to chew as well as made bigger bubbles.

The gum with the highest sugar (6g) and the biggest bubbles (6.8cm) was Bubblicious.

Which brand of bubble gum makes the biggest bubble? Science Fair Project.

Which brand of bubble gum makes the biggest bubble? Science Fair Project.

Which brand of bubble gum makes the biggest bubble? Science Fair Project.

Which brand of bubble gum makes the biggest bubble? Science Fair Project.

Our Marco Island Vacation


I went on another trip to Marco Island. We packed up all of our stuff and drove about 5 hours. But it was worth it. When I got there I unpacked and went to sleep cause it was 10:30.

The next day I went in the pool and unpacked the rest of my stuff. On the back of the house there was a canal that you can fish in. So we started a family fishing contest.  We fished and caught some snapper. I caught one we could have saved to eat,  but it flopped out of my dad’s hands. A couple days later I went deep sea fishing, but I’ll talk more about that later.

The next day we went on a pontoon boat. All we caught were whitings. The next day just relaxed. After that day my dad threw me in the pool with my pajama’s. Then in a I went kayaking. It was cool cause your really close to the water. After, me and my mom went in the pool again. Then we packed up and left back to go home.  It was a great vacation.

Goodbye 5th Grade!


At the beginning of the year I was kinda scared of all the work I thought 5th grade would bring. But actually I didn’t have that much work.

I had awesome teachers. My reading teacher was Ms.Franklin she likes Disney. My math teacher was Mr.Anderson he likes super hero’s. My science/social studies teacher was Mrs.Pettingill she likes chocolate and coffee.

My favorite part of the year was our Sea World field trip. The park wasn’t busy and we got to ride all of the roller-coasters.

I think it was the 3rd last day of school there was an Awards Ceremony. I got seven different awards. I got an award for leadership, PE, a behavior award, citizenship, safety patrol, music, and math. The 2nd to last day of school was my play. It was Annie. I was a servant and it was really fun. The last day of school was really awesome. There was music, games, and food. But it is kinda sad because I knew some 8th graders and now they are leaving. But all in the end it was fun.