Triathlon at Blanchard Park


I did a triathlon this past weekend at Blanchard Park.  It was my 4th triathlon ever and my 3rd time doing the Blanchard park triathlon. The week before the event I trained with my friend at the YMCA with swimming and biking. Also if you don’t know what a triathlon is it is a event with a distance where you swim, bike then run after. This triathlon was 60m of swimming then 5mi of biking and finally 1mi run. That was the 11-14 age group distance and my brother and his friends was shorter.

When the race came I thought I was nervous and I didn’t so good as I did in training.

It was really tiring going to swim to bike really quick. When I was on my bike I realized there was a lot of up hill and down hill.  Then after biking we went to running and that is when it got hard. You have to use your legs a lot. I had to stop and walk once and when I finished I sprinted to the end.

At the end I thought I didn’t place and I was tired so we left early before the award and when we got home, my mom got a text saying I got 2nd place in age 12. The person in front of me was my other friend I used to play baseball with and he  won by 8 seconds.  My time was 39:47.

Overall I was happy with my place because I didn’t even now I got 2nd and I can’t wait till the next triathlon.

Spartan Football Camp


I just got back from a trip to Michigan to go to football camp at Michigan State.  The crazy thing was we just got back from Marco Island and went to a going away party for a friend. The next morning I had to wake up at 5:30 to get on a plane. On this trip it was only my dad and I. We got ready and we took off. We were going on Delta and they had free wifi and you could have watched movies and on their app. I watched Alexander and His Horrible Terrible No Good Very Bad Day and some of the Maze Runner.

When we arrived we got the rental car and we drove off to go eat at a coney island. It was my first actual coney dog. I liked it and I want to try another one again. After lunch we head over to my dad’s friends house which is a little less than 10 minutes away from the Spartan Stadium.

The first day of camp was long but really cool. There are different NFL teams where you are organized. I was in the Titans which I wasn’t excited about but it didn’t really matter. Each team had a coach and the coaches were players from the Michigan State football team. My coach was Brandon Clemons. He is a defensive tight and he weighs 305lbs.

The first day we stretched and the coaches introduced themselves. I also to took a picture with MSU Football Coach Mark Dantonio and the cotton bowl trophy. The first big activity was the offensive drills. Offensive drills includes QBs, WRs, and offensive line drills. After a break then there were Defensive drills its positions as LB, Defensive line and stuff like that. Then we had lunch and for lunch we had a wrap with cheese and ham, a cookie, chips. Then we went into the indoor practice field and did more drills. We also saw a video for MSU. Then we had dinner and we had chicken tenders. Then we played a razzle dazzle game. Razzle dazzle is like football but it is one hand touched and you can through the ball anywhere even if you are past the line of scrimmage. But the risk is  it still can get intercepted and incomplete. We played 2 games and we tied one and lost one. The scores were 14-14 and 21-14. In total I scored 2 touchdowns and had 4 interceptions. Then we packed up and left.

The second day was shorter but even better. We did the same thing as day one but for lunch was pizza and after lunch we went in the Spartan Stadium. We did a razzle dazzle game in their and we tied 14-14 and I got 2 touchdowns one was a pick six. I also got to go in the press box and watch other kids play razzle dazzle. After everything I got my jersey signed by most of the players that were their. Later that day we went to a tigers game and they lost 5-3 against the Reds.

The next day we went to the Ford tour at motor city and it was cool but I wouldn’t want to go everyday. At 7pm the plane took off and we came back home. When I get older I want to go back and stay at a dorm. So I want to go next year.

My Mother


I love when she laughs at my jokes. I could never have a better mom.

She likes to go on bike rides and like to go to Disney and eat fancy foods like sushi from one of the hotels. But the thing that I think she loves most is our family. Sometimes my brother and I get into fights and it drives her nutty.

What I like to do with her is going on vacations with her, go on bike rides, and ask questions about her. Such as; why don’t you like pickles? I also ask her about what she did and what I did when I was a baby and when she was my age. I ask her a lot of random questions.

When I grow up I hope she still goes to Marco Island with me. It has always been a “tradition.”

I hope she never stops using technology. Like I said before I love my mother!

Why home work is good and bad


I don’t like homework(HW). The reasons are because it takes up most of my time. I can’t do what I want to do. If I want to play outside I have to come in early to do homework. In 6th grade we get more “projects” then homework. The reason I said “homework” is because it is not a project but it is homework due on further dates.what is the point of homework too. You are just going over information you already know. But next year I heard I’m going to get 50 plus problems everyday for math. So I’m very excited for next year. NOT!

The only good things about homework is that it can raise your grade just a little. Sometimes it can be fun with friends and work together to communicate better. I. Have a lot of homework/projects due different days and it is confusing what I have to remember everyday when it is due so I won’t forget to bring it.

I am just glad that school is closing. But it is not over yet. I still have to take EOC and the FSA test which are the final exam tests for the year in Florida. All I know what I’m doing this summer is that I’m going to a one camp so far and, I’m going back to Marco Island. I am so excited.

Orlando City Soccer


If you haven’t heard there is a new Major league soccer team(MLS). That soccer team is called the Orlando City Lions. They are not the best right now but they are also good. At the begging of the season they are 1-2-2. That means one win two losses and one tie.

Their first game was against New York. They tied one-one. The cool part about that game was that I was there. What I can tell about that game is that the refs were very bad. In the first halve no one scored a goal. But in the second halve NYC scored a goal. The bad thing about the is that I was in the bathroom. When I came back I was sad. But at the 90th minute we scored a goal. His name was Kaká. He is really good. Everyone was excited. At the end it was a tie.

The other games were good too but this was my first MLS game so I will think it will be hard to top. This week in the mail I got a letter saying something about the Lions. It said on it “Brendan, you were part of history.” When I got I was surprised about it.

The next game after the NYC they were going against the Houston Dynamo. They won 1-0. Their next game was against the White Caps and lost 1-0. Their next game was an other tie against Montreal, 2-2. Their latest game was against DC United and lost 1-0 at the last minute. Right now they are 6th in the eastern conference.

Orlando City Soccer

Orlando City Soccer

Michigan State Basketball


My favorite team Michigan State is in the Final 4 win over the Louisville Cardinals. But the games to get there were also really tough. Are first game was against Georgia in the tournament and we won against them 70-63. It was tough until the end but it wasn’t the biggest challenge. The next game gets even harder. It was against Virginia. We went against them last tournament and we beat them with one point. This year we won 60-54. The problem is win this season is the teams get harder and harder. Now we are in the sweet six-teen. Michigan State rolls by Oklahoma 62-58. On to the Elite Eight. The most intense games lead to over time. Michigan State holds on over Louisville 76-70. Now for our Kryptonite Duke. We rarely win against them. So I’m am worried about the end.

The reason I like Michigan State is because my parents brained washed me. They both went to Michigan State and I want to go there now. What I am glad about of the bracket is that Michigan did not make it.

Spring Break!


Spring break!!!!!! I just came off of school Friday because of teacher work day which means I have extra day off. I am really excited what is to come. But on Saturday and Sunday we already had something planned. My brother and I were going to Universal with my cousins. We were going to the parks and going to sleep over at their hotel Royal Pacific.

On Saturday we went to Universal Studios first. I walked around with my cousins by our selves because my oldest cousin is old enough to do that plus he had his phone. First we went on Top Thrill Dragster it was amazing. I like that you can pick your song for the ride and it matches with the ride. We then went on Men in Black. We went on it once then my aunt asked us if we could go to a “secret” place where there is some chairs and desks in the middle of the waiting line. Then the person that worked there gave us some tips because his high score is 999999 and he said to hold down the trigger and shoot your own target. We went on it again and I got a higher score but not 999999. We went to Harry Potter which I had Ice Cream butter beer. It is soft served ice cream with butter beer on it (Butter beer had no alcohol in it). We also went to sling field and had a big donut from Lard Lad Donuts. After that we walked back to the hotel and we all went into the pool.

After the hotel we went to Universal’s island of adventure. We went to Hulk but then my brother was not tall enough. So we went on Doctors Doom’s Drop. It was also my first time on that and the only scary part was the begging when it lifts you off because the rest you can look at the city or the rest of the park. Then we went on Spider-Man and we were stuck on it for a couple minutes and then it moved back with out volume then everything was back to normal. My younger cousin was a little weird and went on a water ride saying he won’t get wet but after he got soaked. I didn’t want to go on because I didn’t want to walk with wet cloths every where. After went on Jurassic Park which is a water ride but if someone is i front of you, you won’t get wet. I barley got wet. After we went to Dragons Challenge we snuck my brother in and at the last moment when we were at the gate to go the guy needed to check his height and my brother couldn’t go on because he was centimeter short so he had to wait in the child swap and I felt bad because he wanted to go on it but at the last moment he could not. We went back to hulk because my aunt and uncle came back had my brother but we walked over to it and it was closed  my little cousin was really mad.

We went back to the hotel went swimming for a little bit and we went to bed. We woke up in the morning packed and went swimming again and then left.